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ultra-fast cryptocurrencies mining in the cloud

BitStant.IO is an innovative investment platform that deals with the ultra-fast mining of cryptocurrencies in the cloud. Thanks to top-level technological solutions, we are the only company in the market that allows you to extract large amounts of cryptocurrencies in a very short time. Our main goal is to develop blockchain technology and to enable mining for the widest possible group of people. Thanks to Bitstant.IO you can start earning money in this revolutionary market today. The changing Bitcoin exchange rate has caused that we have created a system that bills money into your account every one millisecond. Thanks to this solution, you will never lose money due to exchange rate fluctuations. A fully automated platform allows you to track your earnings in real time, and the automatic payout system allows you to access your money anytime.
  • Fast Withdrawal
  • Profitable Program
  • 256-bit EV SSL Secured Connections
3%dailyinvest now
  • Get 0.1% Everyday
  • Instant Accruals
  • Deposit Release Anytime w/5% Fee

Get extra 0.1% Everyday

Our investment offer is very simple! You will get 3% per day on your deposit, which will be billed every millisecond, and for every additional day of your investment, we offer 0.1% extra! The longer you are with us, the more and the faster you earn.
Recommend BitStant.IO to your friends and get 15% on their earnings throughout their whole investment period.

Constant growth

Thanks to the progressive plan, we ensure constant and stable investment growth.

Reliable system

Specially designed network infrastructure allows for uninterrupted operation of our system.

Maximum performance

Our system allows for unlimited earnings. Deposit and withdraw as much as you like and when you like.

Our video presentation

Why is it worth trusting us?
We have prepared a special video presentation to show you how easy and fast you can start earning with Bitstant.IO. Take a moment of your time to take a look at our film, and certainly you'll find that our platform is designed specially for you. make investment

our security

Our customers’ safety is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, for this purpose, we use the latest technologies to meet the highest safety standards.

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We are officially registered company.
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